December 21, 2014 · band concert silverchair grey ·

silverchair 2007

Day 239

Due to some health complications for Daniel Johns, silverchair hadn't played a show in the US since 2003 (and that was just a handful, the last tour was in 1999). So, when they announced a small string of concerts in 2007 (which was essentially an effort to get a new label in the US) I was determined to go.

I went to the show at the Bowery Ballroom with my friends Stan and Pete. Stan and I drove out to Pete in New Jersey for the weekend and saw silverchair perform on Monday night. The trip back was... interesting. There was a pretty bad snowstorm causing accidents and holding up traffic through most of Pennsylvania and Ohio. My car had snow tires on it, so we cruised past most of it because we were young and invincible! It still took forever and I had to be back in time to take a test (during my last year of college). I think we got back with enough time for me to sleep for something like three hours or 30 minutes.


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