oh, hello.

Hi. I'm Brett. You probably already know me, but you might not. There's a good chance you know I own a lot of t-shirts, but maybe not the back story...

When I was in college I typically wore graphic tees from American Eagle and some other random stuff (I was so cool). At some point I realized that I was wearing the same shirts as TONS of other people. I found this to be pretty lame. I had liked unique and/or fun t-shirts for as long as I can remember, so why was I still wearing these carbon copy ones from AE? [I still don't know.]

Somewhere around this time I discovered Threadless and, well, let's just say that changed things.

I'd prefer to keep this story somewhat brief, so I think I'll fast-forward and say that I have a lot of shirts now. Many (most?) are from Threadless, many are not. [It's a lot.]

At some point during summer 2013 I started doing laundry without washing dark shirts. This continued for a bit and eventually I decided to wear every (graphic tee) shirt I owned before washing any of them. I didn't know when I actually started this "process," so I figured I would start over from scratch and see how many days it would last.

This time, it got documented. What fun is this challventure (challenge + adventure, GET IT?!) if I don't share it with you?

PS: Plain tees don't count. I'll post a picture, or at least a note, but these can be reworn. [It's rare anyway!]